Sequentially running JS code

Dear community:

I am having a lot of trouble understanding timing of JS queries. I have read that it may have to do with promises and async functions, but truthfully, I don't understand the documentation.

I believe that what I'm trying to do is simple, just running a JS query after a certain block of code is finished running.

//User selects a product with a dropdown select
const productId = orderProductSelect.value
//Find the default cost of the product
const newCost = prod => == productId ).default_cost

// update temporary state value for productId
orderItems.setIn([i,"productId"], productId)

// Set the default cost in the cost input

// Call JS query to update the product cost in the temporary state, 
// using the new set value for the orderProductCost input value.
//This query should only be triggered when the orderProductCost input has been updated,
//so it uses this value.

This is the updateItemCost code. It works when I edit the input manually, but not when triggered by the other query. It seems that It is triggered when the input hasn't been changed yet.


I have surrended on doing it this way and just copied the text from the other query. It works this way, but there are other parts of the project in which I will need to do something very similar than this, for example:

  1. I create an order
  2. This order has a detail, to be written on another table
  3. both queries are different queries. I first need to trigger the order query, so i can have the ID of the new order to be used on the items detail.

Hi @ggallese - the variables docs state that setIn and setValue methods are async. So I would suggest to add await before running those methods. So update those two lines with the following:

// I added await keyword
await orderItems.setIn([i,"productId"], productId)

// I added await keyword
await orderProductCost.setValue(newCost)

Hope this helps!

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from what i understand at the end of any js query all promises are resolved. similar to using promises.all(), but like events and such elsewhere in Retool the order in which things are completed is not guaranteed. if the suggestion from the other person isnt sufficient enough i would suggest looking into Batch Promises like Processing promises in Batch - DEV Community. or checking out this stackoverflow post javascript - Execute batch of promises in series. Once Promise.all is done go to the next batch - Stack Overflow

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Thanks! I will try and let you know.