Send contents of container as an email

I have an app that is compiling data from a few sources and is then formatting & displaying that data inside a container through a few text boxes and tables.

I’m trying to then send the contents of that container (with formatting) to a pre specified email.

I’ve looked into exporting a pdf but there doesn’t seem to be a good way that retains formatting and then will automatically attach that pdf to an email. Although if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it’s sending a pdf would be ideal.

I would also be open to attaching an image or sending a formatted email with the contents as text.

Check out

You can specify the container you want to include in your pdf. You may have to play around with aspect ratios to get it to look really nice. I've always had issues with the aspect settings, I wish the documentation gave an example.

utils methods | Retool Docs

Thanks! I have the PDF now. Is there any way to automatically attach it as an email?

You'll have to create another resource like SendGrid to email it out with the attachment.