Exporting the pdf of the app by separate slides

Hey community, I'm facing a challenge here, I have came up with the utils.downloadPage solution for exporting the needed containers for the report in pdf,
But currently I need to modify it to be each container in a separate page in pdf document
Is there a workaround to achieve that?
Will be highly grateful for any advice!

I assume you have checked utils methods | Retool Docs and the issue isn't getting each component separately, but getting them each to export not as a single page each, but bringing all the individual pages together into a single document, right?

My general sense is many folks end up defaulting to sending data via API to a PDF generator service (Conga, Anvil, etc.), but the use case I've seen there is typically sending data to be integrated with a PDF template managed via the service. There is probably merge functionality in those services too, but you'd have to dig.

Another possibility might be to send the components as PDF file (objects) to a Retool workflow, use pypdf (for example) to merge them all together, and send the merged file back to the UI.

Not really a solution so much as a couple of suggestions, but good luck (and let us know if you find a solid approach!).


Hey @jg80 thank you so much for suggestions, idea with involving workflow sounds really reasonable, for some reason I did not think about that.
I started implementing that, and found out that some update took place, and now utils.downloadPage ignores components inside of containers across all my apps, that's kinda strange, am I the one facing that?