Self Hosted Vs Cloud Performance and Migration questions

With the new pricing model, on prem might be a viable option for one or two of my clients so I want to learn more about it. I have a few questions. These are related specifically to the Business version of Self-host, not the Enterprise version which I know has extra features like version control that I would not have access to.

I am also toying with the feasibility of installing on my local dev machine to speed development and then deploying to cloud or other self-hosted instances. That is how I do all of my other development so makes sense to explore that here.

  1. Assuming the minimum recommended specs (2 cpu, 8GB) how does the performance compare to cloud? Specifically query performance overhead. Does either increasing memory or cpu count improve query performance or just increase capacity?

  2. Is there an easy workflow for moving apps from hosted to cloud and other hosted instances and if not is one planned? I read this post, Can I migrate my organization apps, data from the cloud to on-prem? - #3 by Kabirdas, but I don't see a path to replacing an existing app without relinking all of your app navigation because your app ids change.

Hey @bradlymathews!

Anecdotally speaking, the minimum specs may be a bit slower than Cloud though the difference shouldn't be large. Part of the difference may also be where your self-hosted server is in relation to the DB or API server you're hitting, and that can have a larger impact than the specs of your machine. Especially if you have a variety of different resources you're hitting you might see some speed up and some slow down. Self-hosting definitely gives you more levers to play around with though.

You shouldn't have to replace all of your app links! Your app's JSON actually contains its UUID which allows for links to be preserved.