Tips for migration from retool hosted to self-hosted instance

Hi there, my teammates and I are migrating a rather extensively developed (~20 apps, ~30 components, ~60 GraphQL queries), and we are finding that the obvious, manual approach to migrating to our self hosted instance will be quite time consuming and error prone. As a team of developers we're comfortable with scripting and working with APIs, and we were wondering if there are some endpoints we could use to automate the export/import of our Apps, Components, and Query Library.

Additionally, in our retool-hosted instance we have many hardcoded links throughout, which reference UUIDs that aren't valid in our self-hosted instance. The question is, can you think of any approaches (ideally using automation) that would help us resolve this problem more efficiently?

Lastly, our Apps and Components that reference queries from our query library must be manually re-imported in our self-hosted instance after we migrate a given query from our query library. Can you think of any ways we can improve this process?

We are prepared to spend the time required to solve these problems manually, but before we do, are there any better ways to solve these issues?

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Also, is there a way to (or a plan to add the feature to) add elements from the Query Library as "protected" and checked-in to version control for self-hosted instances?