Issues with Setting up Embed Retool apps using Self Hosted Retool

I need help setting up embed apps using self serve, self hosted retool as per this documentation. I cannot generate an access token as I'm not authorised to access /settings/api, and I cannot create a group or add members on the permission page. I'm using retool version 2.111.4 with retool-helm-chart. Does this beta feature require a specific flag or setting?

Hi @kz123 Thanks for reaching out about this!

It looks like since this feature is in beta, it also requires a Retool team member to add a feature flag to your account. I've gone ahead and added the feature flag to the account with the license key ending in b545 . Is that the license key you're using? If so, you'll have to restart your containers, but then you should be able to access the settings/api page.

For the permissions feature, this is gated to Enterprise self hosted. The Free & Team plans don't have access to create custom permissions groups, so all users will have the same access to all apps & resources. You can invite general users from the Settings->Users page:

Hi @Tess I do see the API page, but do not see the scope named App: Embed as mentioned in the documentation. I did restarted the containers.

Hi @kz123 Thanks for sharing the screenshot! I chatted with my team internally and it sounds like the plan level you're on is not properly set up to work with this feature. My sincere apologies for the confusion! I'm working on having this information more clearly articulated in our docs.

I will remove the feature for now since it's not working. The next step would be to book a demo with our team (demo sign up link in the embed docs)! That team can chat with you about pricing and your use case for Retool Embed