Scrollable table scrolls back up when selecting a row

Hi there, encountering a weird behaviour on the Table Component after clicking "refresh/reload" button.
Property to note:

  1. Scrollable
  2. Multiple rows NOT allowed
  3. Sorted by a specific column
  4. No dynamic column setting

I have an API resource that populate a table component. The data is displayed correctly. I oftentimes refresh the table using the refresh button on the bottom right of the table. Once I click "reload data", view is scrolled back to the top. This behaviour happens as well when I do any of the following:

  1. Select a row from a scrolled down view
  2. Change focus or clicked a different component
  3. Change tab or app

Here's a gif to show what I mean:


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Thank you for pointing this out! I am seeing the same behavior on my end and just created a bug report. I tied the report to this thread so that when progress is made I can update you :slightly_smiling_face:

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This should be fixed now :tada: Let me know if you see any of the same behaviors!

Hi @lauren.gus, thanks for the update but I still can replicate the issue. Reloading the table and choosing a row after a scroll down still goes back to the top view.

Thanks for letting us know @jocen, will reopen the issue!

Letting you know that this got worse. I can't scroll down now as it clips to the top entry, especially when I have a default sort column set. @Kabirdas @lauren.gus

Hi @jocen, Thank you for flagging that for us. We've passed this along to our engineering team. I can't provide any sort of ETA for when we'll be able to fix this issue but I will update this post when this gets fixed!

Any news on this? We're seeing similar behavior. After triggering table refresh, clicking a row may or may not work, and/or scrolling gets stuck. I'm able to reproduce the issue most of the time; my coworker is able to reproduce it very consistently.

Occasionally, the issue seems to resolve on its own after 10-20 seconds, but this is the exception, and it's not like it's waiting on a query or anything to finish loading.

Even happens on tables with a small amount of data, a dozen rows or less.


I'm always looking for a workaround, so for kicks, I hid the standard table reload button, and instead created one from the table's custom button option. It merely triggers the query that supplies the table data – ostensibly doing the same exact thing that the standard button does. Yet, with the custom refresh button I cannot get the issue to recur no matter what I do, and I've tried dozens of times. I don't think I changed anything else! Maybe this is an interim fix for you, @jocen? Worth a shot.

… I now have two copies of the same app running side-by-side. One uses the standard table refresh, and the other uses a custom table refresh. The standard refresh instance keeps having the problem. The custom refresh instance does not. Hm! I'm gonna stick with the custom button for now …

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Hey @Schteevynn, I did this months back but as a separate button from the table so it's popping from user's pov. Yeah, that's what's funny to me as the reload button just reruns the data source query. Ever since I found this workaround, I hide the reload button constantly and create a reload button (outside of table component) to refresh the data source.