Tracking workflow status outside of Retool

[caveat: I'm new to Retool]

I'm exploring using Retool to help us run an ETL process.

What is the best way for my restore process (which will kick off the Retool Workflow) to see whether the last workflow has completed beforehand? This helps me avoid disrupting the underlying DB before the Retool Workflow is done.

Is there an easy API to use to see this? Do I need to write a webhook and query this information myself? Is it better to have the Retool Workflow record its job status in an external DB that others can look at to see when/how retool jobs complete?

(background details with more information at the end)

I'm sure there are best practices here and probably existing documentation, but I didn't find it (yet). Thanks for your help!


Background Details
I'm planning to have the process be alerted by a previous step that will restore the latest backup of our production postgresqldb to a new db. Once this is completed, I can send a webhook to kick off the Retool Workflow which will do a series of queries and fill out new schema in the DB that will be used for Data Engineering queries by Superset.

Because this process will update one of two DBs that Superset could read from (active/passive), it is important not to restart the restore process in the middle of an active workflow.

What I ended up doing to track my workflows, was to make a DB table for them: workflow_status
and added a few columns for workflow_id, last run time, if it failed, etc.

This way, from any other workflow, I can query that table first and make a decision on what to do.

Perfect - I was expecting that retool did this automatically in some way since it seems like an obvious aspect of the tool itself. If there isn't already a queryable API or table like this, then I'll do exactly as you called out. Thanks for confirming!