Run behind a reverse proxy (e.g. under


is it possible to run the on-prem variant behind a reverse proxy?

In the docs I couldn't find any environment variables for that yet.

The issues begin with loading the js- and css-files on startup because they are expected to be served on the root context ( instead of**foo/bar/**styles~app.....js).

I could imagine that there might be solution to inject/override nginx/nodejs web server config but I couldn't find a concrete solution in the web yet - while I also don't know the actual web server and specialties you are using in the Retool image which might make a potential solution still unfeasible (in case I would have find one).

Thankful for any advice :slight_smile:

BR Matthias

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I'm also looking for this capability.

We host all our apps behind a reverse proxy. Ideally we want to define a custom base path on our hostname to access Retool.

For example:

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Hey Matthias, looks like this conversation was answered via chat support. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this with Retool at this time. Thanks for reaching out!