Rich text editor with filebar (tables)?

Is there a way to extend, enable or activate the file bar in the Rich text editor?

I would like to insert html tables and other relevant stuff. Tiny has a example of what i need

I really agree with the development of this feature.

Do you guys have any plan of this feature?

When, then?

Hi @andersf and @lego! :wave:

There is currently a feature request to extend the scope of what "Rich Text Editor" can do in terms of text customization. I added your +1s to the FR and we'll keep you posted with any updates on the this feature. On the meantime, I found a workaround to use markdown on a "Textarea Input" and render the value on a "Text" component to achieve this. The down side is that it'll be on a separate component than the editor.

Step 1: Add a "Textarea Input" component to your app:

Step2: Add a "Text" Component:

Step3: Have the latter component render the value of the former component:

We can also add a link to this Markdown Table Generator in our app for your users to easily get the markdown and just focus on filling up the table