Rich Text Editor Spacing Doesn't Match Email Format

Hi there,

I am using a rich text editor to compose an email message (configured with SMTP). The rich text editor value goes directly in the Body field of the SMTP resource query. The issue is that the vertical spacing is quite off. The rich text editor formatting looks normal whereas on the actual email sent (sent through Gmail server and viewed in Gmail), there appears to be a lot of extra vertical padding between every line.

Note that the HTML code prefilled for the rich text editor is along the lines of:

<p>Hello there,</p>
<p>This is a test email!</p>
<h3>My name</h3>
<p><b>My Company</b></p>
<p><b>My Address</b></p>
<p><b>My Phone</b></p>

I'm not sure how to reduce the spacing. I tried adding inline styles to the p elements but that didn't seem to change anything.

Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 7.03.43 PM

Hey @juiceboxgroup, a couple of ways to format things a bit so the end result has the spacing you like.

  1. Remove the extra carriage returns from the RTE, which will remove the HTML <br> tags.
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.39.24 AM
    In Gmail:
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.39.31 AM

  2. Use a combination of RTE and SMTP query editor to construct the email body:
    SMTP query editor:
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.52.13 AM
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.52.17 AM
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.49.42 AM

Let me know if that works for you.

Hi @joeBumbaca - thanks for the response. The issue I am still experiencing is with line breaks. How can I get a single line break in the rich text editor to correspond to a single line break in the email?

For example, in your screenshots, you can see how the email signature ("My Name...My Company...etc.") are each one line break apart in the rich text editor. But in Gmail, there is an extra line break present. How can we minimize the vertical spacing between lines so Gmail properly shows something like:

My Name
My Company
My Address
My Phone

With no line breaks / extra vertical spacing between lines. Thanks!