Problems with new lines both in Rich text Editor and Textinput

Hi, I'm trying to create a email composer and I'm having trouble with the formatting.

The textinput ignores any new line.

The rich text editor instead uses <p> instead of <br>:

Is it possible to have simple <br> for new lines?

In the meantime seems working with some replace, but I'm not sure it's the best approach.

text.replace('<p>', '').replaceAll('<br>', '').replaceAll('<p>', '<br>').replaceAll('</p>', '')


+1 on this issue.
It doesn't make sense for
tags to be wrapped in

tags. A workaround that worked for me was simply removing the
tags since

tags make a new line anyway.
While this might be the best approach for now, I don't think it should be made this way.

We'll post here if our team ships a more permanent fix aside from these workarounds!