String formatting issue with Rich Text Editor

Hi All!

I made a simple web app and struggling with how to fix this. I have a query that response that's set for the default value in a rich text editor component that's not formatting the text as expected. The string does look formatted when I put that same query response into an editable text area though. As a test here's what I see when add both the text editor and the text area into the app with the same query response. Also, here's the raw output I get from the query that I expect the components to format with /n.

Any help in how to fix this, or is this a bug to report? Thanks!

content: "Subject: Meeting Agenda and Additional Discussion Item: Office Supplies\n\nDear Mike,\n\nI hope this email finds you well. I would like to inform you about the upcoming meeting we have scheduled for next week. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss important updates regarding ongoing projects and address any concerns or issues that may have recently arisen.\n\nAdditionally, I would like to add an item to the agenda that concerns the management of office supplies. As our team has recently expanded, it is crucial to ensure we have adequate supplies to support everyone's needs. I believe it would be beneficial to review our current inventory, identify any shortages or inefficiencies, and establish a streamlined process for ordering and restocking office supplies moving forward.\n\nPlease let me know if there are any specific points or topics you would like to cover during the meeting. I look forward to seeing you there.\n\nBest regards,\n\n[Your Name]"

Hi @MightyQuinn Thanks for reaching out

It looks like the rich text editor needs html line breaks <br/>

Would it work for you to add a transformer that replaces all of the \n\n with <br/><br/>?