Returning Contextual Links with Chatbot Responses

I am building an AI chatbot in Retool and have enabled Retool Vectors to provide more context to my queries. The chatbot is working well and I can see from the output when I run the "chatResponse" query which vector contexts are being used, along with the chatbot response.

Along with the chatbot response, I would like to be able to provide links back to source documents that support the response. However, I don't see a clear way to attach or return those links with the chatResponse output.

Is there a way for me to return contextual links or source references along with my chatbot responses? If not, would this be a feature to consider adding in the future?

Similarly, it would be ideal to also provide sources(links) on responses that use Vectors based on Public URL.

Hello @oswald ,

Thank you for your question.

I built something out myself and made a few assumptions based upon your message.

I built my own Vector and updated a few financial reports to build out the Vector DB.

I attached an AI Query and combined Javascript alongside some plain text to prompt the query and it's generally working.

Check out the screenshot!

Have you tried this approach?

Hello Brett I have added url to my Knowledgebase-Online vector. However, the Retool AI is unable to provide answers to any questions that should be accessible publicly via the url provided.

Any suggestions?

Know you may have moved on since the last posts here @Mariusz_Kolaszewski - but just in case this is still helpful, some ideas:

Assuming you're using URL link crawling, the vectors should get stored as pages with the URLs, so you should be able to tell it to return the URL(name) of the relevant document and it's content if relevant.

Maybe it's worth checking to make sure it's indexing the right pages in there and not picking up irrelevant pages that need to be excluded from the crawl.

you can modify your data model to include links and modify your query to return them alongside the response. Then, update your UI to display both the response and links. Consider suggesting this feature to Retool for future development.