Return only 2 columns in table

I have a select dropdown, I need the value selected to update the table results to only show two columns, the first one "Key" and the selected dropdown value.

How can I achieve that? I used the Query JSON with SQL
Select Key, {{select1.value}} from {{}}

however that does not work.

Thank you.

Can I see a full screenshot of your JSON Query? The preview/output from this query?

Hi @junaid2ali!

Table columns have a 'Dynamically show key' property that allows you to show/hide them conditionally. You should be able to set your columns to show only when the value of your dropdown is equal to their name:

Doing something like this will hide each column by default. If you want to show all columns until just one has been selected in the dropdown you could do something like {{ !select1.value || select1.value === "email" }}.

Could this be what you're looking for?

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Yes, this solved it. Thank you.