Retool's Partner Program Active?


A while ago I submitted interest into Retool's partner program form for via the agency category. Is this program still active? Just curious as I was expecting to get a reply in a week or two but nothing has came.

Any light on this would be much appreciated!


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Hello @daltonp are you talking about the referral program? If yes it's active I have this mentionned on my admin panel which reads:

Refer Retool: Earn 20% cash, give 20% off
Share Retool with your network in two easy steps. Receive 20% of all referred payments and give your referrals a 20% discount—both for 6 months. There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

More information is found here :

If you are talking about another type of program where we can earn more thourought the year I am interested in this form too. Where have you found it ?

Hello @Ecommfox

Thank you for your reply!

This is not the program I'm referring to although thank you for providing the link.
The program I'm referring to is Retool's partner program which can be found here: Retool Partners: Build faster, together

You can then fill out either of the forms that fits what you'd you'd like to become rather it be a technology partner, system integrator, or agency.

This is perfect thank you for the link pal! Have you tried reaching out to the support team by email about it ?
It looks like the program should be active .