Earn cash for referring businesses to Retool. Introducing the Retool Referral Program!

We’re super excited to announce the Retool Referral Program!

You can now refer businesses to Retool and get paid for it. With this program, you can refer new customers to our Team or Business plans and can earn 20% of all payments made by your referees for 6 months–with no limits to how much you can earn.* Your referrals also get 20% off for 6 months. If you want to refer customers with enterprise needs, check out our Enterprise Partner Incentive Program.

*Terms apply

How can you start referring?

You can start earning in 3 simple steps:

  1. Generate your unique referral link directly from the widget on your homescreen.
  2. Share Retool with your network via Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, SMS, or wherever you talk about your tools – and help them get started with building.
  3. Earn referral rewards via ACH, Stripe or PayPal. You can withdraw your rewards through our partner vendor, PartnerStack.

Retool Referral Program

You can learn more at Retool Referral Program or feel free to check out our docs!

Best practices

Suggestion: To boost visibility with fellow contributors and viewers here on the Forum, after generating your Referral link, add it to your profile by including text like below in your About Me text field:

My referral link for Retool: referral-link. Sign up for Retool with it and get a 20% discount for 6 months!

More about how this works: https://docs.retool.com/org-users/concepts/cloud-referral-program

Additionally, we recommend a few things to help you get the most value out of the referral program:

  • Cast a wide net: Retool supports a broad set of use cases, and most businesses have at least a potential need for Retool. You never know who might benefit from Retool and help you earn that referral reward. Take advantage of our LinkedIn and Twitter buttons to share Retool broadly.
  • Reach out directly: being proactive and personal in your outreach will help you reach the people in your network who are more likely to have a need for Retool. Take some time to think through family, friends, former colleagues, and partners who may benefit from Retool.
  • Explain Retool when needed: Retool's value isn't always clear to new users, so a brief explanation of how Retool can save them time / money or how Retool works can be helpful.
  • If possible, help your referrals build their first app or provide similar support. As you likely remember, building that first app is the key to getting hooked on Retool!


If you have questions about the program design that aren’t answered in the docs, email referrals@retool.com directly or reach out to support. If you run into any technical issues with your PartnerStack account, visit PartnerStack's support resources.


Super exciting! Thanks @sewedy :slight_smile: Glad we've launched a way to thank both referrers and referrees for building with Retool.

cc @stefancvrkotic @bradlymathews and probably others who'll likely be especially interested to participate in this referral program -- spread the word :raised_hands: (also tagging those who contributed solutions during our August Solutions Challenge for visibility! @Solution-Challenge-Aug23)

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Great initiative! A win-win situation for referrers and new customers.