Retool x Copilot?

Hello Team Retool.

Are you thinking about integrating Co-pilot into Retool? As a 'business-side' developer, rather than a member of the engineering team (and that we use Hosted Retool not Self Hosted), I don't use Github or VS Code for Retool development. If Retool had Copilot natively built in that would be an absolute game changer (and would probably eliminate thousands of developer jobs in one stroke....). Particularly if people opted in to share their code / generated code with Copilot, as you would imagine there are ~20 very common use cases that users are writing js fragments / transformers for, which an AI could then synthesize into standard patterns.

Could possibly be the long-awaited end of manually writing CRUD UIs? ("Build me a CRUD UI for this endpoint with a modal for the customer object")

Hey Dom! We don't have any plans to integrate with Copilot directly, but we do have a few exciting AI projects in the works :eyes:

I'll DM you with some details about joining the Beta for one of those projects!

I'd love to see something like this, as well. Perhaps an easier place to start would be by creating comprehensive documentation around the JSON format for the 'Import app from JSON' / 'Export to JSON' features (or does that already exist somewhere?). That might allow an LLM to generate compatible code that could be imported as a starting point.

Noted, thank you Ben! We're investing in similar themes now, so your feedback is both topical and helpful. Thank you :pray: