Retool table component dynamically resize table

Hi I'm brock

is there a way to resize table dynamically??

For example when i write 'page size' to textInput component, the table dynamically adjust its pagesize to 'page size' input which i write just before

before : At most 10 rows in table
after : At most 100 rows in table, because 'page size' is changed to 100 from 10

Hello @brock,

the pageSize property of a table is not configurable, it is usually determined by the height of the table component and other table options set up.

If you are looking at server-side table pagination, this can be done.
I have written an APP (attached) to help with this, It should dynamically change the pageSize, do let me know if it works for you

Dynamically-20Adjust-20table-20Height (1).json

Thanks a lot!!!! I'll try !