Dynamically adjust table row height according to another table

Hi there,
I have two tables to display side by side, one as metric display and the other as instructions/explanations on what individual cell means. so i would like them to match row to row for user to understand what's individual cell means.
I am think the dynamically adjust row height (=first table height) would help me, but i couldn't find how the row height was defined/saved for the first table.
Let me know how i can solve this.
Many thanks!

Hi @dna_acquco! Changing this to a feature request since it doesn't look like this is currently possible in Retool. As a workaround you may be able to join your two datasets in the frontend and then display them in a single table using either Query JSON with SQL or some JavaScript in a transformer. Could that work, or is it essential that they be in separate tables?