Retool Storage - How do I get a file url from from a file id?

Hellooo - so I have some files uploaded to retool storage. I've recorded the file ids (the uuids) in a separate database. Is there some javascript that would convert a fileId to a url so people can view or download these files? These files are likely to be docs or pdfs.


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Not yet but we expect to support this by mid-late January! Thanks for the feedback


Thanks - for others, I ended up making a button to download the files instead

window.downloadingFile = item.fileId;
  onSuccess(file) {
    utils.downloadFile({base64Binary: file.base64Data} ,;

I wanted to use additionalScope here, but i wasn't able to access it in the Retool Storage Query.

Here's what the DownloadFile query looks like:

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Thanks so much for sharing @parrisfvci !

Heads up: we now have URLs supported. See here