Download image from url on mobile

What’s the best solution to download an image file from a url in retool mobile? I tried utils.downloadFile(), but it seems it doesn’t support urls.

Reading a lot on this forum. Do I need a resource to retrieve an image somehow? How does that work?

Hi @Steven_W, to do this we can just create a REST API resource to get the image first:

Here is my query that gets the image:

We can then use @joeBumbaca's solution to take care of the rest:

That should work. However, there seems to be a bug with the utils.downloadFile on our current cloud version (3.66.0). If you are on Self-hosted Retool, it should work on older versions. I tested it on 3.33-stable and it worked.

We have an existing bug report for this issue, I added our experience to it. We'll update you here when it's fixed

let barcode =;

utils.downloadFile({base64Data:barcode},'test', 'gif');

I did manage to retrieve the base64data. utils.downloadFile runs succesfully. But nothing is being downloaded. Seems you are right that there is a bug. :neutral_face: there's no way I can find out if this actually works.

Is there are thread about this bug? I would like to read it

Yes, let me link you to the current issue:

The thread is long because it first happened about a year ago. Although it was fixed, it looks like there was a regression around Feb 17th.