Retool reads numbers as zeros from google-sheets

Hello! Retool "read data from a spreadsheet" returns some of the values as zeroes, while others are read correctly. ??? The relevant column in google-sheets contains a formula, so this seems to be the issue. Values are read correctly if I just copy and paste. Formatting and formula change do not help to resolve the issue. Please help.

Hi @Irina Very strange :thinking: Thanks for reporting this

I'll do some testing to try to reproduce this, but it's not something I've come across yet. Any chance you can share some screenshots? What is an example of a value that gets interpreted as zeroes?


It only happens to columns that have formulas in them. The same formula across the whole column but some of the values read as zeros, I am not seeing any pattern. Just refreshed my table in retool and it all looks good, but the issue comes up regularly.

Hi @Irina,

What is the formula? Are you able to share an example of a value that gets misrepresented as zero? Does the formula reference values from cells on other sheets?