Retool Portals - login screen doesn't do anything


I'm having problems with the Retool Portals login - I've setup as per the guide (and perhaps missed something obvious somewhere...)

Every time I try to login - it just goes back to the login screen. Screenshots of the issue attached.

Does anyone have any ideas what I need to do to get this working? (I emailed a week back but didn't get a response.)



![Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 2.31.52 PM|677x500]


Hey! Just to make sure, do you mean the user in "Portfolio Users" is routed to the home page application listing, not the actual login screen?

Make sure your "All Users" group has "Define Specific Access" set. so that the users in "Portfolio Users" don't have edit access to any other Retool application. Additionally, to make sure the end users can't visit the settings page, make sure each of the options for Settings page visibility is unchecked.

Let me know if this helps solve your issue!

Dear Antony,

I can't get any users to route to any apps in retool (including home page app) - the login is processed and then it enters retool and then exits straight back to the login screen.

I have also checked that the 'Defined Specific Access' is set and the Settings Page Visibility is unchecked.

Is there anything that needs to be done to enable the domain login at retool? Is this still a beta feature or a released feature now?

Many thanks,


Hey Alan - the login issue is something I haven't seen before, and looking at your screenshots it seems potentially related to the custom domain setup. Does login work as expected for this user if you access the login page via your retool subdomain ( If so, do you mind sharing your DNS configuration for with me (feel free to DM)? I'm wondering if there's something off there we haven't seen before, as this should all be working as expected with the custom domain.

I am having the same problem with I have pasted in the subdomain and my squarespace DNS settings.


I believe the conflict here may be stemming from using "login" for your subdomain. We can investigate why that is causing an issue, but in the meantime you may be unblocked by choosing a different custom domain that doesn't rely on "login" as it's subdomain.

This worked. Thank you. I would suggest that subdomain be denied on creation.


Thanks for working with us and sorry about the friction! Yeah, ideally we'll get a fix together so this isn't prohibited, but at a minimum we will surface an error in the weeks to come.