Retool mobile with onpremise


I’m evaluating enterprise on premise on docker. Retool is running fine and I’ve added Azure AD SSO and our own wildcard SSL certificate. Retool is running within our own network. Now I want to test Retool Mobile, but I can’t connect to the server. In the Mobile app I’ve selected the on premise option and entered the url to the webapp.
The app then shows an error that it can’t connect to the server.

The device is within the same network and no firewall in between. Dns has been setup and is working fine from any computer.

Do I need to enter a different url? Or port?

And how do I get to sign in using SSO? The app is (now) only showing the username and password field.

Can you visit your Retool instance from your phone using Safari?

Yes, I can acces retool at using Safari and am able to login.

When I use the same host in Mobile it shows the error : Something wnet wrong contacting the host at

Retool hasn't bee exposed to public internet, only internal. Might that be the issue?

Hi @mbruijnpff, is the mobile device also on VPN? The app can only reach the server if its on public internet by default. Also, it may be worth checking the SSL configuration of the server. For example, if you are using a self signed certificate, that may fail the requests on mobile device.

Another thing you can try is to access retool on mobile safari and see if that works. Usually, the network problems like these are reproducible in the mobile browser too.

hi @suparn,

There is no VPN involved. Both the retool server and mobile device are in the same network/subnet. Everything behind the same firewall. The retool server currently can't be accessed from outside.

Server -> Switch -> AP -> Mobile

I'm using CA signed certificates.

Do I need to expose the server to internet to connect?

The solution was to allow the server to be accessible from the internet. It's working fine now.