Retool mobile crashes on my users

Not sure why, but retool mobile keeps crashing on my users everytime they start it and its becoming very frustrating. I have 10 users who use the app, their experience has been crashing, slow loading of queries in components. It even crashes sometimes when I am trying to edit the app itself.

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Not sure if this applies to you, but in my case, I was console logging a lot of information for debug purposes and that was causing my application to crash.

No Haseeb, thats not the case for me. I did start noticing the difference after inviting more users to the app. It never crashed when it was just me building the app, then once I started inviting people, the performance got worse.

Any chance you using lodash library?

I'm having similar issue like you right now, can only test with Samsung, everything runs fine on PC.

My suspicion is lodash compatibility on mobile, also if I have mobile dev tool enabled, it crashed pretty much on load,

Hi @Hussein_Ahmed -

It would be helpful if you could provide some more information here. Are you seeing this for all your mobile apps or does this issue appear isolated to one in particular?

If the former, do you see any pattern in who this crashes for. Are you seeing this on particular devices? When working within edit mode and you see the crash, are you seeing anything in the browser dev tools that helps indicate what is causing the crash?

If this is for one app in particular, is this a large app with a lot of components and modules. Our app performance best practices documentation does provide some best practices that maybe would be useful in implementing. Again the console could be a good source of information as well as the debug tools if there are queries that are taking a long time or errors being hit.


What does the crash look like? Does it happen when you create an empty app?

@LaurenM & @bca , what would quantify as "a large app"?

Would you mind also have to a look at my post here, I'm having crash issue when dev tool enabled, which makes it super hard to troubleshoot.

Turns out the problem has to do with how I retrieve base64 image data from my database. Unfortunately due to the complexity of retrieving images in retool and retool storage, I originally saved the base 64 data to the database, its obviously a huge load on the database but I had no other easy way to retrieve those images to the user. When calling this data, it would make it crash.

What changes did you make to your way of downloading images to avoid the crashes?