Retool Mobile Application - Managed configuration


We're mainly concerned with the Android version of the Retool mobile application, but I think it would also be interesting for fleets of iOS devices.

We have a fleet of cell phones that we manage with an internal MDM.

Would it be possible for your mobile application, which will contain our applications created with your tool, to have what is called in Android the "Managed Configuration".
This would enable MDM administrators to configure your Retool application directly and remotely, without end-user intervention.
I'm thinking in particular of the Retool account identification elements, which would avoid having to physically visit each terminal to configure them.

Thx for all :slight_smile:

Yes, we support managed configs and MDM. (However, keep in mind this is for white-label apps.) For the configs we currently support

  • on prem host information
  • An installation ID (could be anything to identify an installation)
  • A flexible tags field where you can write a JSON or CSV string and then reference that in-app

This would enable you to allow end users to log into Retool without providing their login information manually.

Thanks for the reply, we'll be able think about our plans !

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