Retool Leaderboard - How Does this work?

So I was looking around the forums and stumbled upon this highly secret leaderboard page that I couldn't find again when I tried to. I clicked on the "How does this work" button at the top right of the screenshot and was met with a very long loading indicator and... nothing. It seems like it might have locked up my browser infact I had to close out everything before I could get anything to work again.

I just had to go looking for it again to get my screenshot fixed, its very hard to find. The only way I was able to find it the second time was to search "Leaderboard" and find a forum post where it was linked.

This is a cool feature you should think about making it more accessible as well as fix the button that explains how it works.

Agreed with @BattleCattleDevelopment

@kbn I also noticed the Date filter is not working properly.

Don't think it's that well hidden, it's URL is literally but you're right about it being a bit broken, which is probably why it's not so publicised.

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Yeah but when I type in there are no tacos. Does that make tacos more well hidden than leaderboards or....?

Just because a URL exists doesnt mean people know it exists, you need to display that bad boy. I'm not sitting here typing in every URL i can think of checking for secret pages lol.

Glad y'all like the leaderboard! Thanks for letting us know this is something you'd like to see more readily.

Here's our announcement about it when we launched gamification. We use this gamification plugin from Discourse. By default it doesn't add a super visible/navigable link to the leaderboard - I do think we could make this more visible!

Sounds like it'd be worth doing something like adding a button to the nav bar up top on the forum that links to the leaderboard, or maybe adding a custom hamburger menu with a link to the leaderboard :thinking: We'll scope this out and keep you updated here if we add that after testing it out on staging.

For now, I created a topic with a link to the leaderboard and FAQs, which I've pinned so it shows up when you click into "Topics" on the upper left side bar. Not the most visible spot, but it's a start!

Ok nearly time for dinner - maybe I'll get tacos. Wonder where I got that idea :joy:

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