Retool layout does not work same on every screen

I have a very serious problem regarding retool layout, as when in my screen during development mode, I place the component properly to be fitted in my screen. But after the release, some is not able to see the component in that place, or in the same case word is shown as... although we can wrap why...If I didn't create that component to be wrapped on my screen, then why for my users. Ideally, that component should be shifted as per screen and should render as per my screen in some cases modal scroll is not visible, Why the entire product changes completely on different screens.

Please, this is humble req to be solved as soon as possible.

The componenet should be adjusted according to screen.

Hi there Ishi!

Can you provide some screenshots of this error? If not, one of the best ways we can look into this is if you would export the app as JSON and send it to support chat so we can get a better look!

This is my screen, as a developer.

My user screen.

This is not just one case. I am at my screen able to scroll through modal, but they have to scroll from outer.

Please help me with this issue. It is actually creating problem for me.

Hi @ishi8 !

We may have a bug in reference to windows and scrollbars. How is the modal setup? Knowing the specifics of your set up will help us get this filed correctly!

In addition, is your user's browser window set to 100% view? It could be a possibility that it is not.