Retool-hosted database: how can I publish from the staging to the production environment?

As the title says. How can I bring what I've built in the staging environment of the Retool-hosted database to the production environment?

If you are on the free plan, the Retool database is only available in Production..

Hey @Richardk!

There isn't a built-in migration flow at the moment, though it is something that has been brought up before! We can let you know here if and when it does get included.

In the meantime, it's possible to export your tables as CSVs:

You can then import them into your new environment:

Could that work as well?

Hi @Kabirdas,

That will work providing it supports pk/fk relationships.

For the front-end apps, should I use the same method, but with json files?

You'll need to reconfigure the PKs and FKs with this method manually... However, schema replication would indeed be very nice.

Hey @Richardk!

As far as your apps go, the environment they're set to should change the behavior of the resources being used in the app but everything else should persist. Versioning for app changes is done primarily using release management, though we are tracking the request to have more support for different app environments.

Does that suffice as a workaround for the moment?

Thanks! Men, there's a lot to learn here, someone should write a book about Retool – yes, there's an implicit question here :wink: