Retool Embed is now in public beta

Hi all,

We’re excited to share that Retool Embed is now available in public beta across Business and Enterprise plans.

Build settings pages, dashboards, and UIs quickly and easily in Retool and embed them securely into your customer-facing apps—in hours not weeks.

To get started with with Embed:

  1. Build your Retool app
    Drag-and-drop pre-built Retool components like forms, tables, and lists to build functional CRUD apps. Style your components using Retool’s style editor or custom CSS.
  2. Embed Retool into your product
    Securely pass data into Retool to authenticate your users and give them access to embedded Retool apps.
  3. Ship and iterate
    Manage and deploy changes to your Retool applications using standard SDLC tools like source control and release management.

Start building with Embed.

This beta release is one step towards making Retool the best place to build apps for your customers. If you’d like to shape what we build next, take the 4-minute survey →

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Cool, I'll try this for sure. I have some use cases in mind.

Nice feature, however the impact on your T&C is not clear to me. Your T&C prohibit the use of 'framing technologies', which is what we are talking about here :wink: Also, if using Retool Embed in a customers portal, do we have to licence all of our customers ? (which is not an option btw)

thanks for the clarification

Hi @jfpaccini

Thanks for reaching out! I flagged the T&C note to our team internally, but this is now a supported feature! :tada:

For the purposes of billing, embed users are billed at the same rate as End users

I encourage you to book a demo call if you're not sure if this would work for your use case!

Hi @Tess
Is it correct to say then, that a company which has signed up for the monthly business plan, would be charged $18/mth for each of their external clients/customers that access a portal?
I'm really hoping I have this wrong because such pricing puts this well out of affordability range for my company.

That is correct! :disappointed:

Anyone signing in to Retool will need to have a paid seat on your plan

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Great i just finished building my app to realize that. I guess it's good bye then