Retool Developer Jobs?


I’m new to retool and love the platform. Currently working to try to get retool enterprise onboarded at my current company. But if that doesn’t work out, are there jobs out there to pursue as a retool developer? Freelance or at a current startup or company? Any tips about this would be great. Thanks!

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I wouldn’t tightly couple to retool from a career perspective…the skills are transferable to many other lo/no code platforms.

I think Retool will grow to be an insanely powerful enablement platform for businesses. Dev is being abstracted which leaves more brainpower for architecture, automation, AI etc.

Check upwork for retool jobs for example, and you'll see hundreds a handful.

If you're looking to specialize, we're always looking for talent :)) ->



I was curious what Retool work Upwork had - I see two Retool jobs posted and a dozen+ devs who claim Retool expertise, (not counting the devs that listed it among 30 other acronyms.)

Got me looking. Can't find anything on, devs or projects. I can't tell if anything within Toptal. PeoplePerHour has nothing on devs or projects. On I found a couple of devs and no projects.

None of the sites lists Retool as a skill or category.

Maybe something Retool should look into - getting recognized as a Skill on the freelance boards for increased visibility.


I have 4 years of experience with Retool, Let's connect if you need any help with Retool development.

I have experience in Retool for 3 years, If you need my help, let me know.