Looking For Advanced Retool Developer

Hi all!

We have been pushing Retool to its limits ever since I discovered the tool 18 months ago. We're currently looking to rebuild one of our main internal tools, and are looking to engage with a Retool ninja/engineer to build it for us.

Any suggestions on where we can find someone who may fit the bill?

We reached out to the Retool developer network a couple of weeks back and haven't heard anything. Also have been scowering UpWork but it doesn't seem like there are many well branded retool experts out there.

What is the stack under the hood and how big is the project?

Hey Scott!

We're connecting to snowflake, rest APIs, and a Postgres DB.

The project is 100+ hours with an option for a long-term engagement/retainer.

I am currently already on an long term contract and don't think I can fit this into my current work schedule...sorry but if anything should change I will reach back out...

:call_me_hand: :call_me_hand: sounds good

Hey Lucas! I'm a little late to the thread, but, if you're still looking for a developer, let me know!
I'm a part of Bold Tech and we've been helping clients with their Retool needs for almost 2 years now.
if you'd like, you can reach out to me at david@boldtech.dev