Looking for Retool Consultant

Hi, we're looking for a person or agency that can be our Retool 'developer'. We have a robust data engineering group and can provide DB support and are looking for someone to build out some Retool UI's for various internal processes that we need for setting and updating data.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested my email address is: jeremy.hunter at elevatebrands.com

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Hey @JeremyHUnter, welcome to the community,

just sent you an email, let's chat :)) (mj at stackdrop . co)

I run stackdrop, an operations software studio. We work in small teams of Engineers & Technical product managers / Solution architects to build the next wave of modern internal tools for our clients.

Hello, we are looking for consultants as well. Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone.

Hi @Betty_House - I run the professional services team at Retool and would be happy to get you connected with a Retool builder. Please feel free to submit a request on the Retool Developer Network form and we'll follow up with you. Thanks, Alex

@alexm I submitted my request a while back and am still waiting to here back. Can you pease contact me?

Just sent you an email...

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@JeremyHUnter Let's connect