Retool Database Join query returns 400 error without details


I'm using Retool Database, I have 2 tables :

  • SKU
  • Appellation

Appellation is referenced by the sku table in the sku.appellation column.
When querying the retool database and trying to join sku with appellation to get appellation data into the final result I always face this error:

My request seems correct, and the error is really helpful.
Any idea what the idea means or how to fix the query?

thanks in advance

I had this issue before, but I cannot reproduce it now. If you "View State" of the query, there may be additional details there in one of the keys.

To fix the error, you may want to specify a table for the id you order by:



Hi @Brieuc_Lambert

This same syntax is working in my app :thinking:

Are any queries working for your Retool db? (for example, SELECT * FROM sku limit 1)

Thanks @27shutterclicks, specifying worked :ok_hand:
I didn't find any details in the view state tab of the query though.


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