Foreign key not found, Retool database

Hi y'all,
I'm building a small app for CRUD operations on multiple tables. Currently, I'm using Retool Database to test things out. I've got two basic tables: 'companies' and 'financial_data'
A text field 'custom_identifier' is used as a foreign key in the financial_data table. When adding a row using the Retool Database GUI I get the following error: "No record found with id test_identifier on table companies"


Hey @linuswzg!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your configuration for the company_name column? It might also help to see the custom_identifier column settings but my guess is that the former will be more helpful :thinking:

Hey, I'm experincing this issue too:

Trying to add a row into my eois table with two foreign keys, site_id and study_id, which refer to the id columns in sites and studies tables respectively.


The foreign key referring to the id in my site table is configured like this (likewise for the foreign key on study table)

As you can see, I have a row in my studies table with id = 1:


Similarly for my sites table:


The following query does work however, so the issue appears limited to the Retool database interface perhaps?

Hey folks! Just want to let you know that we have an existing bug report for this issue and we'll report back here when there's a fix.

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