Retool database dynamic pivot operation

Hi, does pivot function, or the crosstab() function is provided by the tablefunc extension exist in reoll database?
I would like to achieve a dynamic pivot operation:)

Hey @Ana! It doesn't look like this is currently supported, there have been many requests for a pivot table component to display data in the past though :thinking: Is that what you're looking to do or do you have a different use case in mind?

Yes, exactly. I wanted to pivot a table. Wanted my values from one table in postgres db to be column headers in retool table.

I see, for now, there may be a custom code solution that lets you do so. Are the values in the header column unique or are you also looking to do some aggregation?

Some of the threads here have approaches people have taken, like this one dating back to 2019, or this workaround for a crosstab table. There are also some external threads like this post that have some interesting and fairly generic SQL solutions for doing pivots.

That's by no means an exhaustive list though! If you can share a bit more about how your data is structured we can help look for more specific solutions :slightly_smiling_face: