Retool Data Structures


I need help understanding the different data structures in retool and how to manipulate each. Sometimes I find the 'data' variable a JSON, sometimes an array, sometimes an object and each has a different way to access it's own data.

Is there anywhere this is all explained?

I find myself wasting a lot of time scouring the forum trying to reverse engineer those data types. sometimes I see a post where someone formats as an object to access its data, another type being formatted as an array and then using Object.value or Object.key.

Are these data structures documented/explained anywhere?


Hello, does the data you mentioned refer to the return data of query, such as query1?
If so, it's based on the return of API.
Retool use JS as the main language, so if you want to find sth about data Structure, you may need to search data structure of javascript.

So I was looking at this as well:

But it's still not clear what object is which. is different from which is still different based on the query source.

There must be some doc that spells this out? That's the most basic building block. I am sure people are not expected to keep guessing/searching forums just to learn how to use basic components/structures?