Resource Custom Auth (defined variable) within a function in a workflow

Hi there,

I came across an issue when a Resource (custom-auth protected) is accessed in a function in a workflow.

The issue is that everything works in testing except when running the whole workflow.

Some key info:

  • The API I use does not make good use of status code, every request is a 200.
  • The auth workflow is simple: submit a login/pwd => get a token => use token in a header
  • I use the custom auth builder and the last step is "DEFINE VARIABLE"
  • It works when unit testing (i.e. button labelled "test")

I created a Function in the Workflow panel that performs (function query to this resource). Then I call this function from a code block. This is where I think the auth is somehow lost.

Mmh.. seems like a possible answer: Support resources with Custom Authentication in Workflows

That's right, this is currently a feature request -- we don't support custom auth in Workflows yet. I'll re-surface the interest to the eng team. Let's keep that Feature Request topic you linked as the source of truth for updates :+1:

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