Resize textinput labels/box? 'max label-width' not working

Hi all,

In the below image I have a textInput with a long label and short contents:

I have made the 'max label-width' very high (eg 3000) but beyond a certain relatively small value it makes no difference. To prevent the label wrapping I need to make the component itself ridiculously wide. Is there a way to force the field itself to be shorter?



Just wondering if this has been seen?

Hey Joshua!

The max label width property can only be used to make the label less wide, which can be a bit confusing. At the moment it can make the label less wide than the default (i.e. with label max width blank), but it can’t make it wider than that default size. This could be hacked using custom css, (How to write custom CSS in Retool!) but really it’s something we’d need to build in better long term control options for :thinking:

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@jconroy - long overdue update (thank you for your feedback here):

You can now set the label width based on percentage, pixels or numbers of columns (width sections in the Layout section of the Text Input's right panel settings! :tada: