Why do you have partial deployment?

Can this be fixed asap.

We have 3 environments and each require testing before final release is approved for prod.

With Git Syncing we will PR into each branch and get the release in place with no issues.

We switched to Source Control and now a merge into master , partially shows in all environment. This is terrible design and each Retool Instance looking at the same master branch should only have full deployment when ready.

Also your releases on each app is not ideal as normally teams will do all the work on different screens, then release on full deployment.

Can this be looked into asap, as it can cause a lot of issues especially when work is not completed and tested in each environment before full deployment.

Hey @blackst!

Just to make sure I'm following, you're experiencing issues with the deployment process after switching to using Source Control?

From what I understand, you have three environments (e.g. A, B, and C) that require testing before the final release is approved for production (prod). Previously, with Git Syncing, you were able to create pull requests (PRs) into each branch and deploy.

Now, since switching to Source Control, when you merge changes into the master branch, the deployment is only partially showing in all environments. This is causing concerns because you expect each Retool instance, looking at the same master branch, to have a full deployment only when ready.

So going forward, you'd like us to:

  1. Ensure that a full deployment occurs in each environment (A, B, and C) only when the work is completed and tested in that particular environment.
  2. Improve the release process to allow teams to work on different screens and then release the changes on a full deployment.

Does that all sound about right? :slight_smile:

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That sounds about right. Individual screen releases for us is not ideal. As a release will comprise of many changes on different screens. Therefore, allowing full deployments only based on an environment setting will be the best. As it stands, all changes goes straight to Staging and Production, which is very bad.

With Git Sync we at least had control on releasing all changes in different retool instances. Please let me know if these changes will be done and when the expected change will come in.

Our renewal maybe based on this.

Filed + will definitely keep you updated on those requests! Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback, please feel free to check in here or write a new post anytime.