Version Control (releases) with public link


I just started using the Releases functionality for version controlling my App.

I have published and made active version 2.0.0

Whenever I try to access the app using the public link v1.0.0 is displayed instead of v2.0.0

Is a new link generated when a new version is created? Is there anyway to get the link to show the live version?


Hey @db49!

Public apps should respect release versions without you needing to change the link as long as you make sure that the new version you've created is live by publishing the release:

It sounds like you may have already done this though :thinking: would mind sharing what version of Retool you're using? Have you also tried accessing your public link in an incognito window or a separate browser to check for any caching issues?

I do have the same issue. Incognito-Mode or different browser does not work either.

I'm having the same issue here, in that Retool doesn't seem to respect the ?_releaseVersion query param in public embedded links.

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 13.44.30

Example - If I hit this URL: https://{mydomain}{uuid}?_environment=dev&_releaseVersion=0.1.1

I'd expect it to serve version 0.1.1, but it only ever serves the latest (live).

Is that because the version 0.1.1 is no longer "published"? Shouldn't I be able to look at an older version this way?

Interestingly: Configure URL query parameters | Retool Docs

Public apps definitely support _environment but I guess not _releaseVersion.

Hey @melloyellow!

URL query parameters not being supported in public apps is a bit of a soft statement, some of them might work but that behavior isn't guaranteed. The intended use case for public apps typically aligns with users who wouldn't be using these parameters. If you find yourself relying on these parameters either working or not working please let us know! It may be that there's a bug (as seems to be the case in this thread) or a potential feature request.