Regenerate Table Columns

My Table component is only showing two columns from my database table. I can add a new Table componenet and this will show all columns but I don't want to lose the settings applied to this table.

How can I "reset" the component so that the table shows all columns? I tried clicking the Regenerate Columns icon but this does not restore the columns.

Any screen shots of what the source looks like versus the table columns?

Thanks for replying Scott.

I decided to delete the Table component that I added a new one and manually copied the settings, styles, etc.

If the purpose of the Regenerate Columns icon is to reset the table columns to the original, then this did not work as expected.


Hi @yourbudweiser thanks for reporting this! I'm glad you were able to move forward with the new table for now, but sorry to hear you ran into this. After doing some testing, I was able to recreate this bug, so I'll flag this to our table team.

I've also made an internal request to document exactly what this regenerate button does and when to use it

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