Refresh custom column when underlying data changes

I have a bunch of boolean states that I allow the user to toggle. I have it plumbed through tables and modules, and it all works great (i.e. user flips a switch, DB updates).

However, I have one Custom Column in the main table that represents these booleans as Icons. I generate this column with a transformer using the technique listed here.

Works great.. except, the icons do not update when the data changes underneath. How can I get the column to refresh? (Note: if I hand refresh either the table the icons will then show up correctly but then it loses the app state)

Hey @zdrummond!

This depends a bit on how you have your column configured so it may be helpful if you can post a screenshot here! One common method is to use your table's changeSet property to access any changes that might not have been registered in the table data yet with something like:

table1.changeSet[i]?.boolVal ?? currentRow.boolVal

The changeSet contains objects that record the changes for each row, and they share indexes so they can be accessed with i! (This would go in your column settings instead of a standalone transformer):

Is that something like what you're looking for?