Differences in behavior in listView / tabbed containers between public and edit

I'm experiencing something really weird. When testing my app in the edit or preview modes, everything works correctly. However, upon using a public link or having an external user log in, suddenly, I am experiencing very odd behavior.

Specifically, this occurs with a listView component containing a tabbed container with several textInput components and a few selection components.

When entering data into the textInputs or choosing an option in a selection in the edit page, the JS Query I have triggering to update an array holding that information working perfectly - and my table displays the data as it is entered.

However, when I am in a public link, this is no longer the case. The array and table will still update, but the text input boxes and selection boxes are suddenly 'blanked' out. I cannot enter more than one box's data at a time before the whole thing sort of collapses.

I'm uploading a super sanitized version of this JSON here - I don't think I've mangled it in sanitizing, but I may have. You'll also probably scoff at my spaghetti code, and if that's the issue I'll be very happy.
Sanitized page for submission.json (77.9 KB)

Super appreciate any replies! Thanks!

Just adding a follow-up here.

I have not been able to figure out what is wrong here, but I did end up completely rebuilding this page using a wizard to loop users through adding multiple items to the table instead of a listView component... Most of the code is still the same between the two pages, just the implementation is different.

And that seems to work.

So, the page that I submitted in this thread is still broken, and I believe this is still an actual bug. But I have gotten around this by completely rebuilding the page.

Hi @Chris_Doty,

Thanks for reporting this! I'm glad you have a workaround.

I'm able to reproduce the issue with your export, so I'll report this to our team for a fix :crossed_fingers: