Redirection to new retool page on table row click

When I try to assign the type of a column as button to navigate to another page from within a table cell by setting some url parameters, the right parameter is not set while clicking the button.

The url structure of the navigated page is

and the selected_member id is not same as that of the clicked row.

Hi @sanjeet! Welcome to the forum! :sunglasses:

Yes, it does seem like we have a known bug with this in line to be fixed, but reports have it not showing a parameter at all. Is the parameter being displayed another element in the table? Would using an action button in the table work instead? This is the suggested work around at the moment.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the button click action redirects me to the another linked retool page but sometimes the parameter is shown and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s very random. Sometimes the parameter value is also not correct to the row clicked. It shows value of some other row. Is there some other way to implement this flow ? How long will it take to get this issue solved ?

Hi @sanjeet ,

The issue you've raised is a bug our we are looking into. But, I think there might be a different way to achieve what you are trying to do. Instead of using custom columns you might want to use 'Actions'.

Here is how you can setup an action with a url parameter --

Create an Action

Set URL Params

New Page

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 1.51.25 AM

Let me know if this works out!


Hello @sidpuri thanks for the solution. I have 2 small question :slight_smile:

  1. How can we add pages, like create a new page
  2. Can we do same thing with button ? if so how can we do it I didn't find the way. If not can we add same feature in button also ?


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So this is how we can change view on button click.
about new page I am using new tab in a tabbed container

Hey @mpmohi! Happy to help here. Would you mind sharing a bit more about what you mean by "create a new page"? Would you like to create a new row of data or a new Retool page or something else?

Hello , so I was trying to do > on button click show user a form. Wasn't sure where this form should reside. Eventually what I ended up doing is making a new hidden tab in my tabbed container > on button's click changing component view.


Oh cool! Glad you found a solution that works for you. Let me know if there's still anything I can help with!

have a good day