---redacted-sensitive-value--- being added to every ID field

I query a certain database very often inside apps with no problem. I've recently started using workflows more heavily and am trying to move some of my queries from the app front-end into workflows for optimization. However, when I do that, I notice that all my ID fields get the '---redacted-sensitive-value---' string appended to the beginning of the ID. The ID is still displayed after the redacted piece so there's no information actually being redacted.

desired return: {'id':'abc'}
current return: {'id':'---redacted-sensitive-value---abc'}

This hasn't happened anywhere else except within workflows. It's basically stopping me from being able to filter my arrays by a certain value because the appended 'redacted' string is throwing it off.

I already checked whether there are any secret variables within my database (according to this thread) and there are none, so I'm not sure how to resolve this.

Any help would be much appreciated.

It seems you must have a secret with an empty value or something like that. Would you mind sharing the photo of your secret management page? (with the real values hidden)