API data is showing every `1` as `----redacted-sensitive-value---`

Maybe a noob security question, but I am trying to get some data from Mailchimp's API in a Retool Workflow but all of the 1's in any strings are being replaced with ----redacted-sensitive-value---.

I understand replacing some data with this kind of thing for security on a frontend, but I don't know why it is pretty obvious as to what is being replaced, and also why it is happening in a workflow. Any ideas? I need to access the actual values.

Hi @Elliott_Dobbs! Thanks for raising this. Workflows will only use "---redacted-sensitive-value---" to replace any instances of actual secret configuration variables you have set up - is there by any chance your org has a secret config var that has value "1"?


Took a look and sure enough one of our SUPER SECRET variables was a 1! Ha!

Deleted the variable and it all is looking good now.

Thanks for the quick action Cathy!


Awesome! :sweat_smile: