Recommended minimum virtual server specification

Hi There,
First post and brand new to all of this so apologies for the basic stupid question(s). We are looking into ReTool for my company which has to be on-prem as we are in a highly regulated manufacturing business. It may be me and cannot find it, but what is the minimum to ideal server specifications and SQL DB size? We have HCI nodes deployed running Windows server 2019 and SQL 2017 cluster.
So our thinking is setting up a Dev and QA/Pre Prod environment connected to a new SQL BAG.
Any steers would be greatly received.

Hey @MartinR!

We typically recommend having 4GB of RAM along with 60GB of storage space (as mentioned here) to start on a self-hosted instance. Running the instance itself on Windows is typically done by setting up a Linux environment (e.g. with a VM). Does that align with what you're looking to do?

Also, for clarification, are you looking to set up a multi-instance deployment?

Hi Kabirdas,
Thanks for coming back on this and the minimum spec needed. Ideally we would run on pure Windows OS as a VM. However if Linux is the preferred stable platform then we would look at that. And yes we would look at setting up multiple environments as well Dev/QA-PreProd and Prod.

Yes, Linux is definitely the recommended environment, let me know if you run into any trouble!