Reapplying admin permissions when applying retool group mapping has removed admin rights

It appears I've removed my own admin rights for my organization when trying to set up AD user group mappings. How can I be re-enabled as an admin?

To clarify, I think I may have overwritten settings for all of our admins, so I am guessing we will need Retool help to restore permissions. All other admins in our org likely only have regular user access now.

@ReedHanson thanks for surfacing this. Sorry to hear things have gotten into a strange state with permissions! I'd recommend checking out our Accounts, Permissions and Billing FAQ post.

Specifically, the sections in that post under these headings will be useful to click on to read:

  • I want to be an admin. Can you do this?
  • What do I do if all admins left my organization?

For security best practice reasons, Retool might be limited in how we're able to help out here. But, once you've read through that guide and tried seeing if your IT team could get you into the email address of someone who _is_ an admin in the retool account, for Accounts support check out the contact page for how to reach out to our team via email:

Hope this helps at least point you in a direction! Best of luck, hope you're able to regain access soon or find a doable path forward :pray: